“We only speak well a language, if we listen to it well”

We have the possibility of speaking multiple languages ​​when we exercise our ears in the proper way.

Every language uses different frequencies, a “particular music” that characterizes it.

When the ear is not used to listening to these tonalities, it is very difficult to reproduce them and understand them adequately. 

The Tomatis Method trains the ear to recognize these frequencies and improve the way in which we communicate in a different language.

Benefits of the Tomatis Method:

  • Improve understanding and pronunciation of the new language.
  • Dominate rhythms and sounds of different languages.
  • Achieve adaptation of the ear to listening frequencies that are not commonly used.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety towards the new language.
  • Increase fluency, which reduces fatigue when communicating in a different language.

Areas of application

Evaluate your listening

Listening cannot be seen. The only way to evaluate it is indirectly through skills and behaviors that are related to it in one way or another.

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