Sensory Integration

“The ear regulates our vital balance”

An appropriate sensory integration allows us to organize and interpret the information we receive adequately.

Sensory Integration is the capacity of the Central Nervous System to organize and interpret the information received through all the senses in order to respond adequately to our environment.

This neurological ability constitutes the base on which the human being creates new abilities in all the areas of development all throughout his life.

In other words, sensory integration dysfunction is presented when there are motor, learning, coordination, hypersensitivity, hyposensitivity or irritability difficulties; or when the information received by the environment is not well interpreted or organized and therefore, there are no adequate responses to specific situations. 

The TOMATIS® Method is a neurosensory stimulation because it acts on the middle ear, the vestibular system, and the cochlea, producing new neuronal connections, which generate adaptive behavior in the person, so that they can respond more adequately to external stimuli. 

Areas of application

Evaluate your listening

Listening cannot be seen. The only way to evaluate it is indirectly through skills and behaviors that are related to it in one way or another.

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