Autism Spectrum

“Increase attention span”

Autism in its different types is part of development disorders.

Early in the child’s life, difficulties are observed and characterized by a delay and alteration in development of skills for social interaction and communication.

Its most representative symptoms are Difficulties in social interactions, Alterations in language development, limited, repeating and stereotyped character in behavior, interests and activities, inadequate sensorial responses due to hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity.

Clearly, the Tomatis Method only represents one of many possible ways to treat autism spectrum. It does not represent the only solution to work on different types of autism.

Anyhow, it can be a very useful ally in the treatment because it is very efficient in helping the autistic person in several aspects. First of all, there is an important job done with the mother’s voice where the person is again immersed in the intrauterine universe in order to incite the desire to communicate. It is very interesting to watch how by listening to the mother’s voice the same way as the baby listened to it in the womb, the person calms down instantly remembering and recognizing the voice.

By stimulating through bone conduction, the Tomatis Method contributes to develop conscience of the body’s structure, regulating sensitivity to skin responses and that way creating conscience of the body. By easing skin contact and therefore touch, visual contact is stimulated because there’s a functional analogy in these two senses. The way of looking will become more explorative and therefore, the person will begin to integrate information in the environment.

Another positive effect is that the face becomes more expressive, and the child begins to use more effectively other aspects of non-verbal communication.

Finally, this neurosensory stimulation will act as a facilitator in motor, communication, and behavioral development of the autistic person.

Areas of application

Evaluate your listening

Listening cannot be seen. The only way to evaluate it is indirectly through skills and behaviors that are related to it in one way or another.

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