Good listening may change your life

Get to know the best way to stimulate your brain through music and voice.

The TOMATIS® Method

It’s a neurosensory stimulation based on sound, whose object is to develop and improve motor, emotional and cognitive abilities, through music and language in children, teenagers, and adults.

Through a specialized technology, music and voice are modified to improve brain stimulation.

How does it work?

The TOMATIS® Method uses a sophisticated equipment called the “Electronic Ear” which modifies the music according to the person’s individual needs, which in turn are detected in the initial evaluation (Listening Test).

Areas of application

Emotional and social skills

  • Improves communication and wellbeing.
  • Optimizes physical, intellectual, and emotional potential.
  • Regulates sleep and decreases anxiety.
  • Improves vitality and decreases fatigue.

Ability development

  • Improves motivation, attention, and concentration.
  • Helps improve memory.
  • Aids in following instructions.
  • Increases the ability to organize, plan and execute activities.

Educational skills

  • Helps with learning new languages.
  • Stimulates reading and writing process.
  • Promotes sensory motor development.
  • Improves language and learning.

Our Team

TOMATIS® Colombia is made up of an interdisciplinary team with over 20 years of successful experience, all of them certified as Level 4 Consultants by TOMATIS Developpement.

Listening evaluation

Through this evaluation, we can determine a person’s listening dynamic, body perception, and use of motor intelligence. We will also be able to evaluate concentration level to follow ideas in a task or conversation with external distractors. In addition, we´ll be able to determine the balance between rational and emotional thinking.

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The TOMATIS® Method is an Educational Program, and is considered neither a medical treatment nor a means to establish a medical diagnosis.

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