“It provides well-being to the mother and the baby during pregnancy”

With the effect of the TOMATIS@ method, the baby is stimulated with musical frequencies and the mother’s voice.

Some benefits for the mother are:

  • Her heart and respiratory rates are regulated.
  • The uterine walls are relaxed, providing more space for the future baby.
  • Labor time is diminished.
  • Lost energy is recovered.
  • The bond with the newborn is reestablished rapidly.
  • It acts as a powerful “acoustic shower.”
  • Tunes the mother in the same acoustic universe as her child which allows her to discover the whole dimension of giving life.

Some benefits for the baby are:

  • It establishes a tight bond with the mother.
  • It strengthens his or her desire to listen.
  • It helps with communication and motor skills.
  • The baby looks alert, relaxed, and active.

Areas of application

Evaluate your listening

Listening cannot be seen. The only way to evaluate it is indirectly through skills and behaviors that are related to it in one way or another.

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The TOMATIS® Method is an Educational Program, and is considered neither a medical treatment nor a means to establish a medical diagnosis.

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