Learning Problems Are Difficulties In Development That Come From A Neurophysiological Origin.

These types of problems are characterized by a deficiency or disorder in one or several areas of learning. Said problems cannot be attributed to cognitive, physical or sensorial deficiencies or unfavorable environmental conditions, such as psycho affective difficulties.

Some of the disorders that affect scholar performance are:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dysortographia

Disorders related to oral language development are grouped under the term of dysphasia. There are others that have to do with programming and acquisition of gestures, actions and movements; and correspond to dyspraxia.

Some of these difficulties are associated to the capacity of planning, organizing and executing activities in function of time, as well as space.

The TOMATIS® Method exercises a direct influence in the central nervous system, therefore helping to discriminate and understand sounds.

Its positive effect on mobility, balance and coordination allows the individual to acquire new adaptation tools in order to integrate and develop his learning.

The TOMATIS® Method strengthens learning skills, even if there is no specific disorder.


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