Communication cannot be efficient if listening is altered somehow.

To have good hearing doesn’t imply that one has a good listening. Listening is characterized by the quality of the perception and interpretation of the received message, as well as the real intention to communicate.

In order for us to communicate it is important to transmit the message with the appropriate intensity and accuracy, as well as to be able to listen to ourselves in order to analyze and control what we are saying. This self-listening improves with sound stimulation through bone conduction when we listen to our own voice through specially designed headphones.


The TOMATIS@ Method will help to improve:

  • Lack or loss of desire to speak and communicate
  • Difficulty in verbal fluency
  • Absence of accuracy and precision in speech
  • Poor expression in the voice due to lack of modulation or intonation
  • Loss of intensity control due to absence or excess
  • Rhythm and speed of speech
  • Sense of forcing or abusing your voice when speaking


Doctor Alfred Tomatis showed that difficulties in communication could be detected and analyzed directly through the Listening Test. Based on these results, an individual program is developed so that the person can improve and increase his or her communication capacities; language, voice and speech.


treatment Structure
Evaluate your listening

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