Listening Test

Previous to starting the treatment, in most cases people do the Listening Test. This first evaluation is an aid to the consultant in defining which treatment to follow.

What does is evaluate?

It evaluates listening that is different to hearing. To hear is a feeling, the response to a sound stimulation. It belongs to a physiological function. To listen is a cognitive function; the ability to use the ear in an attentive and emotionally acceptable way with the objective to communicate, execute or learn something.


Through the evaluation, the listening dynamic of the person can be determined, as well as his perception of the corporal scheme and the level of usage of his motor intelligence. Their level of concentration in order to follow ideas in a task or conversation with multiple distractors may also be evaluated. In the same way, the balance between rational and emotional thinking may be determined.


In these aspects of evaluation, there is also the level of motivation and energy, his social adaptation, anxiety management, level of communication and executive function.


In conclusion, it is aimed to evaluate the level of acoustic integration of the sound, since it is directly related to each person’s family, social and work performance.

First Interview

What follows is an interview with a Tomatis Certified Consultant, in which the information found on the Listening Test will be explained, as well as any possible doubts that arise before beginning the training with the Tomatis Method. With this information, the Consultant will create a Personal Listening Program, which will guide the treatment.



First Listening Phase (Passive Listening)

In this first phase, the person will begin the listening training with the Electronic Ear for two hours daily during two to three weeks depending on what’s determined in the first interview. The objective is to stimulate the ear and the brain based on the individual needs, therefore the stimulation should only stop for a maximum of two days.

Once the first phase is finished, there comes a period of rest or integration of the information that is necessary for the process. This period varies but it is usually from four to eight weeks. Before every new phase there comes a Listening Test and an Interview with the Consultant in order to evaluate progress of the treatment.

Second and Third Listening Phases (Active Listening)

Each one of these phases will last eight to fifteen days depending on each individual’s needs. Again the sessions will be of 2 hours daily. Between the second and third phase there will be a period of integration that varies from four to eight weeks. During these two phases, the sessions may be complemented with the use of the person’s own voice which is instantly modified and retransmitted through the Electronic Ear.


You may listen to your voice corrected by repeating phrases and words of the language you’re practicing or any other material specified in your individual Listening Program. When it comes to small children, this includes sounds in order to stimulate communication.



Final assessment

When completing the three phases described above there is a final assessment interview. This allows the person to receive detailed information about their strengths, progress and changes obtained during the training; besides determining if it is necessary to program new sessions.

The results obtained with the TOMATIS® Method are long lasting. Most of the time it is not necessary to extend the sessions, but sometimes it is recommended to do further reinforcements.

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