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how works TOMATIS® method


Know more testimonies about how TOMATIS® method helps people of all ages in your daily activities.


We invite you to hear some interviews as TOMATIS® method benefits the lives of people.

We speak of Alzheimer

Santiago Rojas M.D. interview Catalina Soto on Caracol Radio Healthfully program, we invite you to hear.

We speak of Memory

Again with Santiago Rojas M.D. we talk about the process of memory in your program Healthfully Caracol Radio.


Here are some readings that will serve to understand the effects of TOMATIS® method download them.

descarga 1. The Principles of Dr. Tomatis
descarga 2. Arrested development - Remarkable growth


descarga 3. Niegel’s story: A mother’s diary
descarga 4. Ana Lisa: A journey out of silence


descarga 5. Multiple diagnoses, a struggling child
descarga 6. Night and day. Two very different sisters, one very effective solution


descarga 7. Victor: A journey through fear to happiness
descarga 8. Lifting the veil of autism


descarga 9. A very slow start a happy ending
descarga 10. From the “Naughty Chair” to happy chess player


descarga 11.Alix: A little girl with a big disease
descarga 12.The light at the end of the tunnel


descarga 13. The Listening Journey - Foreword
descarga 14.Conclusión


descarga 15.El efecto del Método TOMATIS® en niños con Autismo
descarga 16. El efecto de la audio-psico-fonología en el tartamudeo


descarga 17.  Resultados estadísticos del efecto del Método TOMATIS® sobre el estrés
descarga 18. Revisión de estudios sobre el efecto del  Método TOMATIS®


descarga 19. El Método TOMATIS® en estudiantes de traducción simultánea
descarga 20. Beneficio del MétodoTOMATIS® para el aprendizaje escolar

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